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New storytelling project helps beat social isolation!

With winter round the corner and people spending more time at home away from friends and extended family we are all now looking for new activities to try during lockdown.

Keeping talking and communicating in our communities is more important than ever. This is where The Story Of Me project comes in.

We all have our own story to tell. 7.8 billion people in the world, not one story is the same as yours!

This project is about getting people talking and helping people to learn about each other. With people feeling isolated in their homes this year, it has been particularly difficult for all our mental health and wellbeing. It is more important than ever that we keep talking. People, need, people!

How many times have we called our loved ones asking the same key questions “what have you had for your tea today?” “Did you watch Corrie?” It is the hope that this project will help new connections develop in our communities, while also helping families and friends to continue to keep talking with a fresh outlook. This project is a free resource for individuals, groups and organisations to use with people they feel might need some human connection.

If you come across this project you could...

  • Complete it yourself.

  • Use the digital download as a reference, give someone a call who you think needs some human connection, complete it with them over the phone. This could bring some new topics to your conversations!

This is an opportunity to document our stories, thoughts and feelings to share with the special people in our lives. Or you can just keep your story for you. This project was created in the year 2020 when we are all living through some extraordinary times! It is more important than ever that we preserve our stories for future generations to learn from.

If you are working with someone and they would like to document their story but they are not tech savvy, struggle to write or have extra needs, please contact us and we offer support.

If you would like to share your story with our team we will be collating stories and turning them into an exhibition at a later date.

You can email pictures of completed parts of your workbook to

If you would like to take part in a virtual group where you can talk to new people and share your work please let us know! Also, if you want to share parts of your story but remain anonymous that's ok too. We would love to hear feedback on this project so please do let us know if you have had some interesting conversations using this workbook.

Printed copies of this booklet will be available to collect from The Place at Platt Lane in Fallowfield. If you are local to the area and require a printed copy please get in touch. If you are running a group in the Manchester area and would like to distribute free copies of the workbook and refer people into the project please get in touch.

Remember, WE ARE IN IT TOGETHER! We need each other!

This is a partnership project funded by WE LOVE MCR in collaboration with The Place at Platt Lane.

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