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Join us in our wellbeing sessions!

Come and get involved in our online health and wellbeing sessions! Starting on the 8th of February we will be coming together on Zoom to take part in wellbeing sessions which will help us create positive, healthy habits. Sessions will be delivered in partnership with trainers from Transcend Tribe.

Topics covered will be:

Meditation: Meditation Calms the mind and with regular practice it helps decrease blood pressure, improves sleep and helps with anxiety.

Yoga: Yoga creates space within the body and mind – it improves muscle tension and suppleness. As we use the breath in yoga it also regulates heart rate and helps calm the mind and body.

Pilates: Pilates improves core strength, and leg and arm strength, it brings heartrate up but not significantly so is a safe form of exercise for all.

Tai Chi: Tai Chi is a movement-based class, gentle yet effective it is essentially mindful movement, which is excellent for people who struggle to meditate. It challenges the mind and body and improves focus and resilience in the mind and body.

Mindfulness: Mindfulness teaches us to be in the moment and when we learn to be in the moment more our reaction time to triggers or challenges increases, we are able to manage stress better and we have improved motivation and creativity.

· Sessions will 45 minutes long, delivered via zoom on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

· To refer into classes please email

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