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Join Grayson Perrys Art Club and get creative during Lockdown!

If you are looking for something fun to do during lockdown maybe now is the time to try a new creative pass time. Art is good for you, whoever you are and whatever your skill level. Art really is for everyone and there is no end to its benefits to our health and wellbeing. There are so many different techniques to try!

People up and down the country have been getting creative during Lockdown and submitting their work to the project. The Manchester Art Gallery have an exhibition featuring works from the first series of Grayson's Art Club and it is great to see so many different ideas and abilities taking part. While unfortunately you cant attend in real life, you can see a virtual tour here!

Lockdown 3 gives us the opportunity to be part of some special. So dig out a pen and paper or anything in your house you can use to get creative! You can get involved in the latest series and submit your work to potentially be featured in the C4 show.

The latest themes to explore and submission dates are -

FAMILY submissions close end of 10th February i.e. midnight as 10th becomes 11th February

NATURE submissions close end of 17th February i.e. midnight as 17th becomes 18th February

FOOD submissions close end of 24th February i.e. midnight as 24th February becomes 25th February

DREAMS submissions close end of 3rd March i.e. midnight as 3rd March becomes 4th March

WORK submissions close end of 10th March i.e. midnight as 10th March becomes 11th March

TRAVEL submissions close end of 17th March i.e. midnight as 17th March becomes 18th March

Find out more and submit your art work here - Submit Your Art (

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