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Manchester Carers Forum

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Manchester Carers Forum is led by unpaid carers so we know how it really feels to be a carer. We understand that caring for a loved one can be a rewarding experience, but highly stressful too. Carers spend their entire lives putting others first, and as a result can often end up feeling insignificant, isolated and ignored. Feelings of failure and anger, and of constant worry are common.

Our goal is to provide carers with a collective voice, and to provide the reassurance that someone is listening. Just knowing that someone cares can be a lifeline. With our support groups, training, mentoring and fun activities and advocacy for carers we aim to be that lifeline.



Our support groups offer a safe environment where carers can discuss their experiences with other like-minded people and are a safe place to share thoughts, feelings, emotions and information



As a carer it is extremely important to look after yourself, as stress and tension can drain your energy levels and affect your health.


We can also help with the practicalities of being a carer such as finding you the help that you need. This might be financial or legal support or even finding the right equipment that you need to help you with your caring role.



Its important to us that carers have their voices heard. At Manchester Carers Forum, all our staff and volunteers are, or have been carers themselves. They are here to lend a listening ear and will point you in the right direction to find the information you need.


If you ever feel overwhelmed please call the office on 0161 819 226 Monday-Thursday 10am-4pm & Friday 10am -2pm

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