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Aquarius Community Gardening Group

Help your community and meet new people too!

Do you love to garden or spend time outdoors? Grow organic fruits and vegetables or want to learn how? Then come and get involved in our gardening group! Our Gardening group meets on a Monday 10am - 12pm.


We are always looking for new enthusiastic members to join our gardening group. This year we have expanded our growing space and have been learning so much about how to get the most out of the space we have.  We have also been on trips together to the new RHS site to get some new ideas!

Vegetable Garden

What are the benefits of Gardening?

Community gardens foster feelings of connection!

School gardens, family gardens, and community gardens are sprouting up everywhere. The reason these small local gardens are flourishing may have as much to do with human interaction as it does with the produce.


In one study students who participated in school gardens took photos of their work and shared what they experienced. Students reported that the skills they learned and relationships they formed gave them a sense of personal well-being.

Vegetable Picking
Community Garden
Community Garden

Gardening invites you to get outside, interact with other gardeners, and take charge of your own need for exercise, healthy food, and beautiful surroundings.


If you’re digging, hauling, and harvesting, your physical strength, heart health, weight, sleep, and immune systems all benefit. And those are just the physiological outcomes. Gardening can also cultivate feelings of empowerment, connection, and creative calm.

Growing tips and tricks..

So what should you be doing in your own gardens this month? 

Want to know how to get your garden in shape at home? Over the next few weeks months we all be adding lots of amazing blog posts to get you get your spaces greener than ever! So keep your eyes peeled!

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