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Do you need to find funding for your group?

Here you will find all the latest funding offers we hear about!

Community Grants

Tesco’s grant scheme usually looks to fund projects focusing on children, families and food poverty.

 However if you are aware of a project that does not fit under these themes, but would benefit from the grant scheme  they can be nominated. A nominated group will go straight into the in-store vote, so will be guaranteed funding.


The funding available for grants is £500 (3rd), £1000 (2nd) and £1500 (1st) depending on your organisation’s place in the store vote (Tesco’s blue tokens scheme).

Applications can be submitted at any time though there can be a bit of a wait as three groups go into store voting in each area every 3 months (so 12 groups over the course of the year) Here is the link to find out more -

If you are interested in applying, or know of any groups that want to apply,  you can check the eligibility here - - after you have completed this you will be taken to an online portal where you can get started with an application.

Grants homepage:


Applications:  (you can also find FAQ’s document here)



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