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Creative Writing Class

Join us for a regular creative writing group at the Aquarius Centre Hulme!


As Maya Angelou says “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you”.

   We believe that creative writing is powerful way to spark your imagination and it also has great benefits to health and wellbeing.  Sessions are warm, friendly and inclusive, delivered by local poet Tina Cribbin's who has had lots of success delivering poetry sessions all over the Northwest with her work focusing particularly on life in the North and Hulme! The session is suitable for anyone who has an interest in creative writing even if you have never tried it.

Let’s all come together and escape the outside world, expect conversation, new poems and stories, writing exercises, company, cuppas and cake!

Two Pens on Notebook

Watch this inspiring video of our group leader Tina. Hear her story and find out  how she developed an amazing skills and passion for writing.

Manchester is renowned for our love of storytelling and poetry. Here's some videos below of our favorites poets, what story do you have to tell?
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