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Aquarius Tenants and Residents Association 

Our Aquarius Tenants and Resident Association is for local people and acts as a platform for the community, to promote engagement which makes positive change in the area. They provide feedback on issues that are important to local people and make sure that the views of local people are heard.

Do you care about your local area, want to get involved but you're not sure where to start? Get in touch and come to one of our monthly meetings.


What you would do


There are a range of ways that an association or forum can make a positive difference. These include:

Business Organization

  • Raising issues with local housing providers and ensuring these are dealt with.

  • Representing all residents views to local housing providers, local councillors and other stakeholders.

  • Organising social events for the community.

  • Informing residents of any issues and how they can get involved.

Meetings are monthly and are held in our large communal room. Speak to staff at Aquarius to find out more!

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